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WhoBob's Top 20 Steven Universe Episodes (SPOILER) by spongebobdrwhofan WhoBob's Top 20 Steven Universe Episodes (SPOILER) by spongebobdrwhofan
Note: This was made and posted in some other forums weeks ago. So I didn't include any of season 4 episodes, except one at honorable mentions. Keep in mind that Mindful Education would be on the list if I made this list today. Also I'm at home rn.

I did this list cuz I got nothing else to do on my vacation at my grandpa's village, except chores ha Posted Image Anyway here is my top 20 best Steven Universe episodes list. Steven Universe has become one of my favorite cartoons and I wanna appericiate it with telling my 20 favorite episodes. There are a lot of great SU episodes but these are the ones that stuck in my head for a while. Keep in mind that these are spoiler reviews so If you haven't seen Steven Universe or haven't seen all of season 1-3 episodes, please avoid this list at all cost.

Lets start shall we?

20. Bubble Buddies


Lets start this list with one of the first episodes that showed us this is going to be a such an emotional show and I think it did is so sweetly. This is when Connie and Steven's friendship has begun and at first, it was a really fun episode that Steven and Connie had to get out of Steven's bubble as soon as they can. It was already so amazing with Onion shooting a harpoon to get them out of the bubble. Oh Onion, you are the best. The episode has become really amazing when Connie telling her reason why she wanna get out of the bubble. She doesn't wanna die with people never knowing where is she and she never had oppurtunity to make friends. It's such an emotional moment that came off really naturally and you really can feel her pain. It became really sweet when Steven telling Connie that he wants to be her friend. Thankfully they got out of the bubble and they became closest buddies and this started off their friendship that we support to death. And this episode ends with a really funny awkward moment. What else can I say? It's really fun and sweet episode.


19. Say Uncle


Oh boy, this episode. When people first heard they freaked out because their favorite show crossing over with a show that is really disliked at first, Uncle Grandpa. I was curious but also pretty skeptical about this. Not because I hate UG. I actually like UG, even if I don't think it's that great, I enjoy it's wackiness and I'm glad more people are enjoying this show now. My concern was that how can a really thrilling, emotional and dark show can cross over with a show that is just dumb, silly and random. This was just better than I expected and fans too. Well, there are still fans out there who dislikes this crossover because of Uncle Grandpa but I didn't really take this seriously and just go with how weird and wacky this episode is. Pretty much every moment in this episode is hysterical, from Uncle Grandpa dressing up like Rose to Amethyst eating Pizza Steve. I love the ways of Uncle Grandpa trying to summon Steven shield or how Pearl is freaking out so much (nice way to make fun of flanderization too) or Uncle Grandpa sinking Sadie and Lars' ship. Oh god and I love meta jokes here. "I'm ready for this episode to end" is a quality line. And even if it's not canon, it was nice to see Steven finding a way to summon his shield. I can see why some would dislike this because it's so out of place for Steven Universe, even if it was SU staff that created this but I enjoyed this for how funny and stupid (in a clever way) it was. If this was an UG episode, I would still love it and consider one of my favorite Uncle Grandpa episodes. I'd recommend checking it out to people. It's harmless, mindless fun.
RIP Pizza Steve, I'll never miss you cuz you are a hole to Mr. Gus :3

18. Gem Drill


This is the episode that we've been waiting for. I was really excited to see Peridot and Steven dealing with the Cluster and I thought it was a great temporary (I think that is) conclusing to that. What I mean is that I don't think they are done with the Cluster since Yellow Diamond wants that so badly but it was nice to see how the storyline was resolved for now. It was such a thrill ride for me. Seeing them stuck in the drill and dealing with something that they don't know gave me really claustrophobic feels and when the episode went on, it kept it's excitement. Steven and Peridot dynamic was just top notching. Seeing them actually caring for each other was just so sweet. And finally we got to see the Cluster, which was so many gems stuck together, just woah. And I liked how Steven resolved this with just talking to them. I really wanna see the Cluster storyline continuing in season 4 and I hope so because they can do more with the Cluster but right now, I really liked this probably temporary conclusion to the Cluster arc.

17. Steven and the Stevens


Here's another episode that I find really fun to watch. It's nothing really dramatic or important but I just enjoyed this for going nuts with the concept. I love time travel concept so much. I love it cuz you can do so many crazy stuff with it and have fun and that's what this episode was. A crazy, messed up fun. It was pretty cool to see Steven getting him in other timelines to create a band and just like most of bands, it was great until disagreements came and that's when the episode got better and better. I loved how so many Stevens from different timelines fight against each other and it was up to Steven from the begining of the episode to stop them. And that was pretty messed up to see Steven watching himself die multiple times and even he mentioned that in his song. He definitely learned a valuable lesson from watching himself die, it's pretty dark but they kept it silly, so I'm ok with it. I can't say much about this episode more, except it's just so much fun, a gem from first half of season 1.

16. Friend Ship


I know there are some that found that this short Pearl/Garnet story arc in the middle of season 2 pointless or really stupid but tbh, I didn't think of that way. Crying for Help showed us that Amethyst can go really too far with some situations and always see Pearl as a perfect gem but in the end, she actually did something that she shouldn't have done and even when Pearl has done something bad, she went too far with this just like how Amethyst did. Keystone Motel showed us that even such great couples like Ruby and Sapphire can argue and have different points of view in a bad situation. Onion Friend showed how Amethyst is dealing with this situation and how her attitude came from and Historical Fiction could have been in different order of this show but still it wasn't really pointless (well I don't think Historical Fiction is that good tho compared to other episodes during the arc :P ). And I personally believe this episode was just a great way to end this short arc. We know how Pearl sees Amethyst and Steven but we never saw how she felt about Garnet until now. I thought how she saw Garnet was similar feelings of me on some of my friends or my relatives because there are times that I really find myself very weak, useless and pahtetic,; compared to them but there's also that Garnet has problems of her own just like how my friends and relatives have their own problems. I bought Pearl's situation, as well as Garnet's situation in their argument. It thought a valueable lesson on emphaty. How they ended this little arc was pretty neat and I didn't find it pointless or stupid at all. I really loved this so much mainly for Garnet and Pearl's interactions and how finding myself relatable in their situation, them making peace with each other and Peridot as such a great comedic but threatening villain.

15. Crack the Whip


I never thought this episode would be so brutal in such an emotional way. It really started off as a cutesy episode with Amethyst, Steven and Connie screwing around in Beach City with funny results. But stuff really went downhill when Jasper has showed up and seeing her discouraging Amethyst was just so cruel. When Jasper is a really threatening villain but this was a whole new level, considering she both defeated Amethyst in physical and emotional way. Jasper got very interesting later on but here, she was just so brutal, I felt bad for Amethyst so badly. How Jasper talked about Amethyst being weak, compared to her and telling Amethyst that she's just a one big joke was really sad. Thankfully Steven and Connie saves the day with Amethyst's way but the damage Jasper caused to Amethyst hit me so badly, considering I care about Amethyst so much. Jasper had good qualifites to be a really menacing villain in this episode, even though we learn more about her motivations in another episode. Match between Jasper and Amethyst was so well-done, not just how the fight were animated but why the crew chosed them to compete each other. They are both quartz gems and Quartz gems are made for fight and Amethyst is usually a IDGAF and kewl af character to be a quartz gem, while Jasper is just a perfect way to be a quartz gem since she believes in only what her gem is; so their dynamic was really interesting to see here. This is one of the episodes that ended on a really depressing and hurtful note but I'm glad I put this on my list for the reasons I mentioned. It's a sad and cruel episode but a good one.

14. We Need to Talk


This is by far my favorite episode out of all flashback episodes. It's a low key episode but a really interesting one. Like other Rose flashback episodes, it started out with a song, a pretty nice calm one and suddenly Greg found something buggy about Rose and he really needs to talk to her about it. I'm not always fond of slow pacing of Steven Universe but here I think it works, probably because I was so invested in Greg and Rose's relationship. This is the episode that showed that Rose had her own flaws back then. She found the earth and the humans fascinating and that was same with Greg, just finding him fascinating and I can see why Greg was bothered by this because he really wanted Rose to see him more than just a human and actually see if Rose cared about him. Then we got to see them talking about it, which was highlight of this episode and Rose has gotten some character development. I liked this episode because we saw what was Rose's character and how she had such a weird relationship with Greg and them figuring out how it was gonna work out between two and it worked out in a really sweet way. Oh and Pearl was just so salty in this episode, I loved it so much, lol. Overall, a fantastic episode about relationships.

13. Log Date 7 15 2


After Peridot betrayed Yellow Diamond, she began to worry and feel good about this at the same time? Anyway, while Peridot was having complicated feelings, Steven started to listen Peridot's record tape and see how's Peridot changed and we got ourselves a 11 minute of flashbacks of Peridot doing stupid crap and it's so hilarious. Peridot isn't my favorite gem in this show but I think she's probably the funniest one due to how dorky, aggrasive and just a n energetic she is. I laughed at a lot of her shenanigans from her wearing empty paint cans to her talking about a show she loved non-stop. So many hilarity happens in this episode, as well as Peridot slowly understanding Earth and Garnet usually staying fusion. I felt like we needed this because Peridot's redemption arc wouldn't complete without seeing her slowly transtion from a bad person to a good person and also how she felt about Garnet because we saw how we felt about Pearl and Amethyst and those were already done and now it was time for Garnet and Garnet was the best choice to make Peridot feel better about her situation and feelings. After that huge reveal of Yellow Diamond and Peridot standing up to her in the episode that came before this; this lightlearthed, funny but also a nice character driven episode about Peridot was just what we needed imho.

12. Ocean Gem


Well, I thought Mirror Gem was a decent episode that Steven just hung out with the mirror that soon turned out to be Lapis Lazuli all this time and it was cool to see another gem that aren't Cyristal Gems but this is the episode that surprassed Mirror Gem and became one of my favorite episodes. I feel like this was the first episode (well counting Mirror Gem too lmao) that raised the stakes and turned Steven Universe into a bigger and more intense show. The hype for this two parter was so worth it because I really loved a lot of it. It was such a huge action-packed episode and action scenes were really entertaining and it was just cool to see Gems fighting against themselves in a way :P but lets talk about Lapis here. This is her first apperance and she was already so threatening and so powerful, I really enjoyed her in this episode but her motivations make sense too. She has been trapped in a mirror for so long and she was forgotten, It's hard to imagine someone staying still for so many years. And that's why it's understandable why she's so bitter to Cyristal Gems but thankfully Steven was her first friend for so long and Steven stopped her and healed her thankfully. It's still hard to believe Lapis was such a powerful antagonist in this episode, yet her gem was broken. And every since then, I really liked her character and I liked her development through the show, despite she's not my favorite gem. This is such a important episode to me. It made Steven Universe one of the best shows of this century imho and I can not praise more for that.

11. Sworn to the Sword


Out of all Steven/Connie episodes, this is probably the best one out there. Before this episode, I really liked seeing Connie having interest in gems, and in this episode, she wanted to be a fighter just like CGs. Of course, Pearl trained Connie to be protector of Steven and Steven didn't like that, so he decided to help Connie. I loved this because it showed that Steven and Connie really didn't want each other to get hurt and both wanted to be saviors to each other, well more likely Connie. Steven wanted to be a team with Connie and yeah, Steven is right. Instead of one being the shield and other one holding the shield, both should work together. I liked this message in this episode. It may be an overtold message but it was still a well-meaning message about teamwork and friendship. Pearl's another great thing about this episode. We knew she loved Rose but this was just a whole new level. She'd do anything to protect her, no matter how; instead of just her fighting with Rose. And I loved how she told this with a really amazing song. In the end, Steven and Connie got some development from this experience and we got more in depth about Pearl's feelings for Rose. It was a really sweet and very well-written one, including really great action scenes, beautiful song, a great Steven/Connie dynamic and Pearl.

10. So Many Birthdays


This is one of the few early SU episodes that stuck with me for a long time. If I told someone that SU can get really dark, I'd mention this. Started out as a really funny episode that dealt with Steven having silly birthdays for gems and a lot of it was funny, including Pearl not getting the joke Steven has made. Once it went on, Steven grew up very very quickly to point he got old and that's when it has really become depressing. It was sad to see him like growing up this much but also a pretty interesting plot. I like when the show tries to show us how much Steven is different than both gems and humans. What I mean is that, unlike gems, he grows up; unlike humans, he has ability to grow up very fast. I liked the jokes, serious moments and overall plot of this episode. It was very depressing until the end, it became really sweet and heartwarming. I wish more people wouldn't forget this gem because I remember this being a lot of people's favorites until more episodes came and yeah, there are couple of episodes that surprassed this one for me but I think this needs more recognition now because this was one of the first emotional episodes that I loved and I still love it to death oops.

9. Back to the Barn


Maybe I put this episode way too high on the list due to some of others before this episode are more well-written but I just love this too much for Peridot against Pearl. It's such a ::dolphin noise:: fun episode that has a lot of funny moments and robot fights YEAH. It was so awesome to see Peridot and Pearl fighting each other with robots and it was such a fun competition. Although I give this episode credit for dealing with stereotyping. Just like Jasper, Peridot thought you are what your gem tells you to and being a Pearl (apparently there are more Pearls, so that was a cool info too) means being a servant and although yeah, Pearl we know is royal to Rose but mainly because she's in love with her and this episode prooved that Pearl is unqiue, compared to other pearls and Peridot has learned some lesson from this. I knew Pearl was already an awesome character but punching Peridot in the face, while saying "I'M A PEARL" is one of my favorite moments in this show. It's a very funny and just an epic moment to say imo. This needs more love seriously. This was such a fun and a very cool episode.

8. Jailbreak


If Ocean Gem is the episode that raised the staked for first time, this is the episode that made this show more popular than already it was. I remember being absolutely blown away by how awesome this season 1 finale was and how it was worth the hype. Everything about this worked perfectly. That twist about Garnet being a fusion all this time really changed the show in a good way, it made this show even more surprising and more interesting. And just seeing Garnet fighting with Jasper, while singing was the highlight of this episode. I can listen to "Stronger than You" so many times, even though that is not really my favortie SU song cuz It's hard to pick one when there are so many amazing songs out there. Although not only was that so cool, it was satisfying to see Cyristal Gems once again winning against homeworld but it wasn't over since Jasper was still there but thankfully Lapis saved everyone with fusing with Jasper and pulling both of them to the ocean, that was just a really OMFG moment. While I don't think this is the best episode that everyone once said before, I still appericiate it for leaving a huge impact on the audience and making them more into this show, as well as it starting off more storylines and more in depth to Garnet as a fusion and Jasper and Lapis' relationship in some of episodes that came after this episode.

7. Earthlings


This was just a perfect way to end the small arc around Amethyst, Jasper and Steven. I think what they managed to acomplish in this episode was done so brilliantly. Ever since the show started, Steven tried to be like his mother and Amethyst has been a bit of troubled gem compared to Pearl and Garnet and since Crack the Whip, Amethyst coudln't stop thinking of her being similar to Jasper but in conclusion, Amethyst was similar to Steven all this time with them trying to be like what they should have been but instead they can't and that created Smoky Quartz fusion, who was just a really fun and silly fusion that I really enjoyed watching. Their fight against Jasper (and her fusing with a curropted gem) was so awesome to watch. But after the fight was over, the episode went so dark once Jasper was effected by a curropted gem because of fusing with her. And Jasper's motivations have become clearer and it's really sad to know why she's fighting. Not just because she believes in her gem for being a fighter, it was because of what Rose did to her colony and her diamond, Pink Diamond. It really seemed like Jasper really cared for Pink Diamond and because of what Rose did to her, she's gone and It became more understandable why she has been fighting for all those years and it can also be seen that just like with Lapis, she couldn't get along with a curropted gem, which seems like she can't get along with people and that created more characterization for her. I liked Jasper in Jailbreak but never really cared for her, compared to other gems but ever since they brought her back, she has become more and more interesting to me and this episode brought me questions about Jasper's past and her interaction with other gems we don't know and her relationship with Pink Diamond. This episode finally made me actually care for Jasper more than It should and I loved this episode because of that and nice development for Steven and Amethyst. And finally I liked Peridot's talk about how she has accepted Earth and how she has been finding herself more. Poor Jasper tho, her becoming curropted was just heartbreaking :(

6. Mr. Greg


Steven Universe is so excellent at making so many memorable and catchy songs, so I was really excited to see this because it's a musical episode and It couldn't have been better. I loved it just how amazing the songs were in this episode, especially "It's Over Isn't It" and "Both of You" but I also love it for giving us an episode that focused on Pearl and Greg, they have been fighting over Rose for so long, as a result Rose became in love with Greg and Rose is gone now. Pearl and Greg both miss her but Pearl's pain is just a whole new level since not only she lost her, Rose didn't fall in love with Pearl and It was really hard why Pearl couldn't move on. Rose was her world and now she's gone, she felt empty until Steven united them and make them understand they have same pain and issues and with them also loving Steven, they have more common than they thought they were and that created some new chemistry between Pearl and Greg. I really would like to see them having more episodes and this was a nice way to develop their characters and make a new dynamic. And I loved how those aspects were in this episode, which is a really fun and emotional musical.

5. Bismuth


This is SU's first half hour special that didn't split into two parts and for 22 minutes of screen time, this episode needed to give us more than it should, yet left us with more questions about the past. It's really hard to make an episode that focuses on one character and give you everything you need to know about the character but this episode made it work. I loved loved Bismuth in this episode. She kept me interested in the story more and more, she was very charming and very ::dolphin noise::. This episode gave us almost everything we needed to know about her and I loved it. Bismuth spending time with CGs again, catching up to what happened in 5000 years, making weapons for GGs; all these stuff were so cool. And not only that, Bismuth giving Steven a pep talk about himself added more into the short Steven/Amethyst arc during last couple of season 3 episodes. Last 6 minutes are some of the most intense moments in this show that I really liked. Although yeah, I can see some complaints about the show falling for the cliche of butch woman being aggrasive and violent since Bismuth's character turning out to be violent and agrrasive and poofing Bismuth without solving the problem but still I really liked what we got cuz Bismuth's motivations make sense to me and we actually got to see some info about Rose and her relationship with Bismuth and how she actually made a huge mistake (bubbling Bismuth away and not telling her friends) was really sad and see Rose wasn't as brilliant as Pearl and Garnet said before. And fight between Bismuth and Steven was so intense and dark, I can't praise the fight more. In the end Steven bubbled her away and told GGs everything they need to know. I really hope to see more from Bismuth and see her development and I wanna know more of Rose and Bismuth's past so badly after this episode but from what we've got from Bismuth, I thought ithis was a brilliant way to focus on her character and Steven, even if the complaints make sense to me.

4. Chille Tid


If time travel is my favorite premise, then dream premise is probably my second favorite. I love episodes that focus on dreams so much because you can go nuts with it and have fun, as well as tell a really good story and this episode was just perfect for that. It's one of the funniest and weirdest episodes of this show. It's just a simple premise of GGs looking for Malachite (Jasper/Lapis) in the ocean and got very tired from it and Steven deciding to have a slumber party with Amethyst and Pearl and Garnet searching for Malachite. A lot of stuff in this episode was hilarious like gems' faces look so sleepy or Steven having a weird sitcom dream or Pearl's salty wet dream about Rose or how Garnet lied down at the end of this episode. Another great thing is that Steven developed another power, traveling in astral space and going into people's mind. So Steven managed to connect with Malachite, after so many tries and what we got was really messed up. Lapis and Jasper in chains was really sad to see and it gave us glimpse of the mind of an unhealthy fusion and it was so messed up and sad. But this episode knew how to keep it's fun and managed to entertain me and make me laugh at the jokes, so while, it's not the most powerful episode ever, It's on my top 5 for the reasons I mentioned.

3. Bubbled


Tbh, I don't think season 3 was as amazing as season 2 but If there's one thing I have to admit, these last couple of season 3 episodes have been a blast for me, moreso than majority of season 2. We got more info on Rose, Jasper's motivations, Amethyst/Steven dynamic got stronger and ofc action was sweet. This episode was the season 3 finale and just what I was expecting, it was very deep and depressing; compared to a really satisfying, yet a bit sad Jailbreak and the hilarity that was Log Date 7 15 2 and I couldn't find a better way to end yet another great season. First of all, space looked so beautiful, yet very cold and alone; so I gotta give props to animators of this episode. What I loved about this was that how Steven tried to deal with being stuck with Eyeball, one of Rubies and their dynamic added a bit more lightleartness into this episode. Their adventure to escape from astroids, them arguing and suddenly them getting along was quite amusing until Eyeball finds out Steven is Rose and that's when things got messy, Eyeball started to attack Steven and that was not only intense but also gave me some claustrophobic feel. Stuck in space with a complete maniac sounds very scary and that made me really feel bad for Steven. It's one of those episodes that really made me feel alone and hopeless, I was amazed how much I saw myself as Steven in his situation. And thankfully Steven was rescued by CGs an d it was just so heartwearming to see Steven once again uniting with them. And we thought it couldn't get sadder, Garnet actually admitted Rose did shatter Pink Diamond. It's really horrifying what you have to so something really bad for good of humanity and now I can see why Rose didn't want Bismuth to shatter because she felt bad about this. It's an episode that really made me feel sad and also curious about the past. It was an episode that was so heartbreaking, yet really well-done, I loved it so much and the future of this show sounds very promising.

2. Future Vision


Now we have come to an episode that is pretty personal. In this episode, Garnet tells Steven that she can see the future and Steven becomes paranoid about any dangers of him coming in future. I've been in Steven's situation before, well in a way because around Steven's age, I was actually paranoid that the end of the world might come soon and that actually paranoid me a lot. I know it's stupid, I was just a kid in that time but still from time to time, I have thoughts of possiblities of how am I going to die or when I'm going to die. Or what am I going to become in future. Or what will happen to me after I die. Just like Steven in this episode, I sometimes overthink of my future, so this episode kind of related to my thoughts about my future. It was a really dark episode. Not just because of how Steven thinking of dangers in future is unsettling, near the end, the location really turns dark, it rains, thunder sounds and Steven at the roof top, actually waiting for death to come. I was just unsettled by Steven actually letting himself to get hurt. Death is a really difficult theme to cover in a kids show but this show never continues to surprise me, they covered it up pretty seriously here and I was pretty invested in how this was going. In the end, Garnet convinced Steven to come down and what she told Steven was really a meaningful message about choosing your destiny and I found it very sweet. It's an episode that I seriously adore and appericiate for how it dealt with future and death.

Before #1, here are my honorable Mentions in no order:


Joy Ride, Beach City Drift, Message Recieved, Rose's Room, Tiger Millionare, Full Disclosure, The Answer, The Return, Hit the Diamond, Island Adventure, Coach Steven, Kindergarten Kid



And my all-time favorite Steven universe is...

1. On the Run



Ever since the first time I watched this episode, it has been my favorite episode of this show and so far none of SU episode topped this imo. This is the episode that really touched me for so many reasons. From the begining, it gave us glimpes of what this was going to be, yet I actually didn't think of that before. It started off with gems destroying devices that have come to Earth and ofc Amethyst just destroys one carelessly and made me huge mess lol and Steven just talked about gems that they are like No Home Boys, who travel without their home, so Steven and Amethyst just ranaway from home and were on the run until we actually found out Amethyst actually took Steven to Kindergarten, where Amethyst was made. So Amethyst isn't actually a homeworld gem, she was made in Earth and that was a really cool info but Pearl found out about this and questioned Amethyst why she took him to kindergarten and we actually found out that homeworld had been creating gems in Earth and it was actually very bad until CGs stopped them and Amethyst joined CGs but ever since Amethyst has been seeing herself as mistake since kindergarten was a bad thing and Pearl has been off about Amethyst when Amethyst does something very silly and doesn't take missions seriously. Of course Amethyst got mad at Pearl and started to fight with her. And that's when the episode got very deep and sad. After seeing this, Amethyst has become more complex and I really loved her more. Amethyst is my favorite gem not just because she's the gem that acts like a cool person and chill and crackes me up sometimes, she's the most relatable character of this entire show imho. That doesn't mean I didn't relate to other gems but Amethyst was the one that I found myself closest to. Amethyst finds herself as weak, a huge mistake, questions her existance, often gets criticism and can get really angry about people and herself as well and I really can't find myself similar to her because of those aspects and it's been shown so perfectly in this episode. Pearl is also the one that criticises her and can't get along the most and I can't help but compare her to people closes to me, I got same criticism from my parents, even though I know they think what's best for me and sometimes criticism of them tires me and for "can't get along" part, I feel same about my brother since all we do is teasing each other, no matter how we love each other. I felt her pain after knowing her existance was just a plan for homeworld and I can see why she'd feel herself as a wrong person and when she actually does something bad, she blames herself so much; another aspect of her that I find so relatable. I hate what's about myself at times just as much Amethyst hates what's about herself at times and I really felt bad for her so much, even though she's the one that attacked Pearl. This episode touched me for making me see myself as Amethyst and that's why I love this episode to death. It knew how I felt about myself. When the fight was over, Pearl really felt bad about this and apoligized to Amethyst. Not only that, her saying she was the only good thing about kindergarten was such a tearjerking moment and Amethyst hugging Pearl just made me teared up a bit. To sum up, this episode is just perfect. From the begining of Steven seeing gems as No Home Boys, Amethyst and Steven on the run and singing a really cute song, Steven getting attacked by raccoon lol oops, an information on Amethyst's past, Amethyst's feelings as the focus, the brutal and upsetting but a really awesome action scene and to the end when Amethyst and Pearl made peace. It's one of those episodes that felt so closest to me. This episode is the definition of why I love this show so much. Not just because of really amazing fights, complex characters, good humor, catchy songs, so many story arcs tied in together, emotional scenes and a beautiful animation; it's so down to earth and make me empathize with the characters and their life, even though this is a show about a hybrid kid and alien rocks and their unsual adventures.

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this list. Sorry for talking in depth about these episodes too much but if you wanna know what are my favorite episodes, here they are and I would love to know your guys' favorite episodes. Thanks for reading. You guys are so special <3

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